Epoxy Floor Coating vs. Polyaspartic Coating

When it comes to coating your floors, there are two main options: epoxy floor coating vs. polyaspartic coating. Both coatings offer advantages and disadvantages, but at Floor Shield of Michigan, we firmly believe that polyaspartic coating is the superior choice.

Benefits of Choosing Polyaspartic Coating Vs. Epoxy Floor Coating

While epoxy has long been a popular choice for coating floors, it has some drawbacks. Epoxy is a rigid material that can crack and peel over time, especially in areas with heavy traffic or where the floor is exposed to chemicals or moisture. Additionally, epoxy can take several days to cure, which can be inconvenient for businesses or homeowners who need to use their floors.

In contrast, polyaspartic coating is a more flexible material that can withstand heavy traffic, chemicals, and moisture without cracking or peeling. It also cures much faster than epoxy, typically within a day, which means less downtime for your business or home. Plus, polyaspartic coatings are UV-resistant, so they won't yellow or fade over time.

Polyaspartic coating offers a number of benefits over traditional epoxy floor coating, including:

  • Fast Curing Time: Polyaspartic coatings can cure in as little as a day, while epoxy coatings can take several days to cure.

  • Durability: Polyaspartic coatings are more flexible than epoxy coatings, which makes them more resistant to cracking and peeling.

  • Chemical Resistance: Polyaspartic coatings are highly resistant to chemicals, making them ideal for use in commercial and industrial settings.

  • UV-Resistance: Polyaspartic coatings are UV-resistant, which means they won’t yellow or fade over time.

Our team is here to help you select the right coating for your concrete floors and surfaces. If you still have questions, contact us today to learn more about epoxy floor coating vs. polyaspartic coating.

Transform Your Space & Keep It Safe
  • 5-6 Hour Application & Walk-On Return to Service
  • Low VOC’s
  • Transforms Your Space Into a Stunning Showpiece Room
  • 4-5x Stronger Than Epoxies
  • Seamless, Tough, Pore-Free Finish To Seal The Surface
  • Resists Fading Or Yellowing Due to Age or Exposure
  • Virtually Maintenance-Free...Just Sweep or Wet Mop
  • 15-Year Residential Warranty